Rajesh Hamal


Rajesh Hamal is a super star of Nepali film.He is a Nepali film actor, singer, model, and television host. He was born in Tansen, Palpa Nepal.He is one of the highest paid Nepali actors. Hamal debuted as an actor in his uncle's film Yug Dekhi Yug Samma in 1991.He completed his schooling from Moscow, higher education (MA in English) from Punjab University, India. Studied in Pakistan, later at Delhi and started from class 5 to 8 in Russia, and finally completed school level on Nepal . He had modeled for Fashion Net, an Indian fashion magazine in 1985 and had also walked the ramp in Kathmandu and New Delhi in 1986. In one year, on an average, he works on 10 to 12 films. The maximum was 16 films in 1994. Among all his movies, Devata and Basanti are his favorite.He was linked with Kristi Mainali in his earlier carrier and both couple shared the great on screen chemistry. Later on people talk about Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar on screen as the best pair.