Ms. Gita Upreti ,1st Runner Up, Miss Beautiful Nepal 2021

Name:  Ms. Gita Upreti, Miss Beautiful Nepal 2021 

1ST RUNNER UP with MOST  ACTIVE, BEST PHYSIQUE, MOST EYECONIC  EYES | Birthplace: Makawanpur, Bajrabarahi | Adress:  Bajrabarahi  | Temporary Address: Naxal, Kathmandu  | Height:5.1 | Hobby: Acting | Aim: Being a successful Professional Make-Up Artist & Modeling


First of all, I would like to thanks Dakshya International Pvt.Ltd .for organizing this pageant Miss. Beautiful Nepal 2021 and having me as a candidate and allowing me to hold the trophy and sway the crown of Miss. Beautiful Nepal 2021. This has been one of my greatest achievements of all time and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Mr.Tek Raj Pandey sir for having faith in me and I would also like to mention special thanks to Mr. Aswini Jha sir for filling me up with motivation. I would like to express my sincere thankfulness to all my family members, relatives, and loved ones because all the inspiration and support I got was primarily from them. Finally, I would like to say that the thing I achieved is not easy and needs a lot of willpower bravery, and hard work but if I could do it, then you can too. “Failure will never overtake you if you determined to succeed is strong enough” Thanks