Dream Search Agency Receives Best International Achiever (title Winner) Award-2020

Dream Search Agency receives Best International Achiever (Title Winner) In the recently conducted award Ceremony dedicated to Fashion, Modeling, Pageantry, Music, Movie, Art, Culture & Literature; Model Songs Award 2020 organized by Model Songs Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Dream Search Agency has been honored with Best International Achiever (Title Winner). The award was been received by Founder/ Director of the Company Glamour& Commercial Photographer Kamal Nikon Chhetri.

Dream Search Agency has been working for various international events, international fashion, and runway shows. The agency hold franchise of several international pageants and with less than two years span of time the agency has earned glorious success bagging international achievements through its delegates representing various international pageants. Within this time the agency has been able to register the victory at the major title award of international pageants. The three major international titles that Dream Search Agency has earned for Nepal through its delegates are Mister National Universe 2018, Mister Model of the World 2018, and Mister Tourism Ambassador Universe 2019. Other than these major awards, several subtitles have also been undertaken at various international pageants. The agency is all planned to create bigger opportunities and open doors for national talents at international platforms of many European and American countries.