Purnima And Pavitra Win The Title Of Beautiful Nepal

Kathmandu - Purnima Chhetri has been selected as 'Miss Beautiful Nepal 2021' and Pavitra Banjara as 'Mrs. Beautiful Nepal 2021' in the beauty pageant between unmarried and married women organized by Dakshay International in the capital city Kathmandu. Purnima has also bagged the titles of 'YouTube Must Views' and 'Multimedia Choice' awards from the department. In 'Miss Beautiful Nepal 2021', Geeta Upreti with 'First Runner-up', 'West Active', 'Must Iconic Eyes' and 'West Physics' and Geeta Gurung with 'Second Runner-up', 'West Rampwalk' and Puja Nath with 'Third Runner-up' ',' Fashion Icon 'and' Must Talent '. Sabina Khulal 'Must Discipline' and 'Waste Personality', Sonia Shahi 'Waste Smile', Manisha Yadav Thapa 'Most Photogenic', Sushmita Dev 'Must Punchual', Vijaya Ranjit 'Viewer's Choice' and 'Waste Dancer', Anita Tamang became 'Waste Hair' and Usha Phuyal became 'Waste Skin'. Similarly, in the competition among married women, Pavitra Banjara along with 'Mrs. Beautiful Nepal' became 'West Yampwalk', 'West Skin' and 'Must Talented'.

 In the competition, Sushila Shrestha was selected as 'Waste Speech' and 'Must Punchual' along with 'First Runner-up', Manju Adhikari was selected as 'Must Active' along with 'Second Runner-up', Anju Neupane was selected as 'Must Photogenic' along with 'Third Runner-up'. Uma Khadka 'Viewer's Choice', Rochana Rajopadhyay 'Must Discipline', Meena Maharjan 'West Smile', Sirjana Rupakheti Pandey 'West Dancer', Uma Khadka 'West Physic', Aarti Bhandari 'West Hair', Jhuma Devi Oli 'West Personality ', Saru Thapa became' Multimedia Choice Award 'and Vinita Deula became' West Singer '. In the competition choreographed by Ashwini Jha, actor Saroj Khanal, lyricist Dr. DR Upadhyay, businessman Sujan Rimal, journalist Apeksha Dhungana, makeup artist Tara Thapa, Model, and actress Karuna Pandey and teacher Kamala Chudara were given special honors. Former Chief of Army Staff Rukmangat Katuwal was the chief judge in the competition while actor Saroj Khanal, actress Regina Upreti, rapper Nirnaya NSK, Mrs. Beautiful Nepal 2018 Sangita Basyal, journalist Madhav Nirdoshi and Deputy Secretary to the Government of Nepal Durga Vanjade were the judges. Organizer Tekraj Pandey said that the competition has been organized to showcase the inherent talents of married and unmarried women.